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Pricing Policy

Lawn Care Packages: 10% Off when you PREPAY for the year

Basic package: Prices starting at $57.27 per treatment, $286. 35 Annually w/out discount - (5 Treatments)

Deluxe package: Prices starting at $73.59 per treatment, $515.13 Annually w/out discount - (7 Treatments)

*Deluxe package includes all Basic package applications PLUS additional preventative grub control in the spring, Broadleaf weed control & Grub control in the late summer, and core aeration in the Fall

Tree & Shrub Packages: 10% Off when you PREPAY for 3 or More Applications for the year

*From the 15 different tree and shrub spraying services offered, 1-6 sprays of the treatment may be recommended throughout the various seasons depending on the health of trees and shrubs

Mowing: Starting at $35 per mowing

*Mowing includes bed maintenance, trimming, edging, and blowing off walkways.

Offering Weekly and Biweekly options. Also, Notice of when mowing should start & stop at the beginning and end of seasons.

Prices vary depending on the size & health of the yard, tree(s) & shrub(s).

Estimate Only

Tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding & landscape design are priced only after estimate. Prices vary depending on size, location (on top of house/ alone in back yard), health of tree, hazardous conditions, necessity of a crane, etc.